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Welcome To My Cavity Nesters Website

This website will showcase my experience in Arkansas with cavity nesting birds primarily through my photos.  All photos on this website are copyright 2004 by Tracy Powell.  If you would like to use them please include the watermark, give me credit, and let me know where so I can have a look too. (I can also provide higher resolution shots.)

There are e-mail links on all the pages of this website so feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments.

***Updated on 4/16/04: Bluebirds, Screech Owls, & Chickadees-page 2 ADDED; 4/13/04: Bluebirds & Chickadees; 4/9/04: Bluebirds***

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I will use this space to update how the Bluebirds are doing.  As of 4/9/04 I have 30 Bluebird nestboxes on 120 acres.  I'll be adding more soon.  In 2002 I fledged 90 bluebirds.  In 2003 I fledged 81.  This year I'm shooting for 100 and so far its looking promising:

3/22/04- 34 bluebird eggs

3/26/04- 42 bluebird eggs; 4 chickadee eggs

4/2/04- 69 bluebird eggs; 6 chickadee eggs

4/9/04- 43 bluebird eggs, 25 bluebird nestlings; 6 chickadee eggs

4/16/04- 20 bludbird eggs, 45 bluebird nestlings; 5 chickadee eggs, 6 chickadee nestlings

4/23/04- 11 bluebird eggs, 56 bluebird nestlings; 5 chickadee nestlings, 6 chickadee nestlings

5/23/04- 40 bluebird eggs, 6 bluebird nestlings, 56 bluebird fledglings;  4 chickadee nestlings, 8 chickadee fledglings

Wood Duck hen on eggs.

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North American Bluebird Society
Bluebird Box

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Bluebird eggs

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